Best Cars for Instructors  

If you’re a driving instructor buying a new car is a major decision. You’ll spend a lot of time in your car and if you’re an independent driving instructor it’s a large financial investment. You need a good reliable car that your learners will find it easy to drive and pass their test. You’ll also want it to be economical to run and also practical for the other times in your life. You’ll still need a decent amount of boot space to fit your weekly shop in and enough space in the back if you have kids to get to school. Of course your choice of car also has to be safe and have great Euro NCAP safety ratings, you need to know everyone is safe in your car.

We have put together a list of the five best cars for instructors, obviously this isn’t all of the best cars you can buy as an instructor there are others to choose from, they’re just our favourites.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been a favourite with learner drivers for a long time. The newer models report a fuel economy of 46 – 70 mpg, and there is also an electric version available. This 1.2l petrol engine is nippy enough to get round town, but not too powerful for new drivers. It has a 4 star NCAP rating. With 5 doors and a good sized boot, it’s perfect for all of life.

Ford Fiesta

There are several versions of the Ford Fiesta, most have 5 doors, but there is a 3 door available. They all get around 51mpg fuel economy. There is also a plug in hybrid version. They also have an Ecoboost petrol engine available, which is a way to turbo charge the 1l engine to give it as much BHP as the 1.4l engine. This ensures these small cars have enough power to be fun to drive without being over powered for learners. They also come with safety features such as lane keeping aids, along with a 5 star NCAP rating they’re safe cars to drive. A good versatile, small car.

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Nissan Micra

The Micra is even smaller than the Corsa or Fiesta, so it’s perfect for learners struggling with their manoeuvres. It has plenty of space in the front and in the boot, the back seats are fine for small children, but anyone tall might struggle. The interior is a good quality and feels more luxurious than you would expect for a small car. The fuel economy is good providing up to 53mpg. A perfect car for learners, and for trips to the supermarket and dropping kids off at school. If you want to do a lot of motorway driving you may find it doesn’t have very much power on fast roads. Having said that it’s quiet to drive round town, which is a good thing if you spend a long time in your car.

The standard version has a 4 star NCAP rating, whilst there is a version with a safety pack, which gets 5 stars.

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai hasn’t been a firm favourite with driving instructors, but the i20 may make this change in the future. It is an economic small car that’s great for learners. Prices start from £19,285, this includes a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty (driving instructors are included in this). With fuel economy rated at around 54mpg for all variations of the i20 total ownership should be respectably frugal. The interior doesn’t feel like a budget option though, with a central touchscreen that can connect to your phone. It also comes with a rear view camera and parking sensors.  There’s also plenty of space inside, with room for 4 adults and a spacious boot. With an NCAP rating of 4 stars this car has to be a good option.

Renault Clio

This is another firm favourite with driving instructors and new drivers. It’s easy to drive and affordable, with great manoeuvrability. The Clio has won several awards and is also now available as a hybrid. The standard engine gets around 54mpg, which is nicely economical.  There’s loads of room inside, and the boot has plenty of space as well. It feels larger than it should for a small car. With excellent safety features, all cars have six airbags, traffic sign recognition and an automatic emergency braking system that recognises cyclists and pedestrians. You also get a lane-departure warning system that can also help steer you out of danger, which is quite unusual for the class. It’s not a surprise it gets 5 stars in its NCAP safety test.


Whichever car you decide to choose none of them are 100% reliable, they may still let you down. That’s where Berkshire Dual Control Car Hire comes in. Hire a car from us and you can be completely reliable even if your car isn’t.

Best cars for driving instructors
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