Most common driving faults

The most common driving fault that causes learners to fail their test is not making effective observations at junctions. Learners aren’t alone, drivers failing to look properly was a factor in 37% of all reported accidents in the UK in 2019. As far as the driving test is concerned, the faults you can get in this section are for:

Failing to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle

This is when you’re turning from a minor road to a major road. You see the approaching car, and you think you have enough room to pull out. When you have pulled out the approaching car is forced to slow, as you didn’t judge how fast it was approaching very well.

Entering a roundabout with a vehicle approaching from the right

This is similar to pulling out at the junction, as you might think you have enough space to pull out onto a roundabout even if you notice there is a car to your right. If you choose to still enter the roundabout you will cause the car approaching to slow down.

Making no effective observations at all

This is much worse, and you can easily see why you should fail your test. If you fail to look when you emerge from a junction you could cause other vehicles to make an emergency stop, or cause an accident. If you’re on your test you will cause your driving examiner to break for you, which is an instant fail.

Making no observations when joining a dual carriageway from a slip road

If you’re joining a dual carriageway from a slip road you are meant to make observations of the on coming traffic, so you can match their speed and slot into the traffic in a safe space. If you don’t look properly you will cause traffic to break or suddenly change lane to avoid you. This is very dangerous, and will cause accidents.

Going straight ahead at cross roads

If you don’t notice a crossroads you could drive straight across without stopping or making the correct observations. It’s important to check both ways before emerging to avoid causing an accident.

Looking too late

If you only start to look when you’re already pulling away you won’t have had time to look both ways properly. If there is something coming you will be partially on the new road and will cause others to brake or swerve to avoid your car.

Repeatedly not looking left when turning right

Throughout your driving test if you don’t check to your left when turning right from a minor road to a busier road you will fail. This is because you need to check for any parked vehicles, obstructions or any other hazards.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to fail your driving test, and this is just a small selection! Once you’ve managed to pass you need to keep making observations when you’re driving to make sure you don’t become another accident statistic. If your driving test car has had a little bump because someone forgot to look, don’t worry! You can hire a car from us and make sure your learners get to any tests they have booked.

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