Dual Control Hire Cars 

A question we are asked is  ‘Can anyone hire a dual control car?’ If you’re a parent and want to save money on driving lessons, could you hire a dual control car to teach your child? Unfortunately the answer is no, sorry.

Only qualified driving instructors can hire our dual control cars. It might look like a simple thing to do, but teaching someone to drive in a dual control car requires training and experience.

The worst thing you can do to a new learner is to use the dual controls too much. This won’t help them to learn, it will undermine their confidence and stop them from learning. It could also be very dangerous for other road users to have a parent that’s never used dual controls teaching a learner. Driving like this requires new skills, and you don’t want to cause an accident. It’s a lot safer to let a qualified driving instructor teach your child, and then maybe use your own car to help them to practice when they get close to taking their test, and you don’t need the extra peddles.

If you’re a qualified driving instructor and you’ve had car trouble then we’re the perfect service for you. Hire a dual control car for a day or longer and keep working whilst your car is out of action. Simply give us a call and leave a message and we’ll get the right car to you. All of our cars are well maintained and safe, and come insured.

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Personal Service

Personal Service

For Driving Instructors If you are looking for a dual controlled car to hire, as you are a driving instructor, then look no further. So let’s start with our personal service. What does personal service mean to us at Berkshire dual control car hire? It means a lot to...

Driving Test Wait Times

Driving Test Wait Times

Driving Test Wait TimesDespite the DVSAs best efforts driving test wait times are still around twice what they were before the pandemic. You can take a look at the wait times here. This was always going to be a problem when tests were stopped as the backlog is always...

Changes to driving test bookings

Changes to driving test bookings

Changes to Driving Test Booking System As the backlog for driving tests grows the DVSA are introducing changes to the booking system that they hope will shorten the waiting lists for driving tests. Currently if you fail your test you can book another one for 10 days'...


Your choice from a Ford Fiesta 1.2L petrol or a Vaxhall Corsa petrol, manual or automatic or a Mini Countryman manual.

All cars are well maintained and fully insured.


You can hire our cars for 1 day or more, just let us know how long you will need it. All our cars come insured and the price includes delivery and collection.


Call us on 01491 577021 and 07572 093089 or email duals@bdcch.co.uk, please leave a message if you get the answer phone, we check for messages regularly and will call you back.

We’re based in Reading, and cover Reading, Twyford, Sonning, Caversham, Wargrave, Woodley, Maidenhead, Slough, High Wycombe, Wokingham, Farnborough, Aldershot and Bracknell. If you’re over 15 miles away from us additional delivery charges will apply.